Bino + Cool with Hans Hauska


Born in Sweden, Bino Nylund and Cool Tomas Colbengtson, have been working together since 1998 as artists In Residence at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) with visualization, art, science, and education applications in the CAVE virtual reality system. Bino and Cool are artists and have worked with CAVE systems since 1996 and with the VR Cube at the Royal Institute of Technology since 1998. They are the creators of the VR art pieces Yggdrasil, Giza, and the archeological VR-reconstruction Vouni.


Hans Hauska

Hans has been working at KTH since 1985 as associate professor in Geographic information. Since appr 2000 he has collaborated with Bino and Cool to create 3D scenes in the KTH VR-Cube. After the cube was retired (and Hans too) he continued working with Bino and Cool in VR shows and took care of technical problems.