Artwork:  LunAR Park


More than 50 years after Apollo's first landing and 25 years after the

Challenger disaster, lunar expeditions might feel like a blip in

history. In the age of satellites and space tourism, the moon remains

both a symbol of scientific exploration and a source of inspiration

fueled by utopian desire.


We invite you to explore the lunar landscape as the frontier of human presence in the vast cosmos: an imaginary destination where the past

and future of technology meets art and idealism to fuel our dreams.


We welcome you to an Augmented Reality experience of space travel that turns the landscape of "magnificent desolation" into a weightless amusement park. LunAR Park is a fresh take on the moon as a giant

playground. Inspired by the original 19th century amusement park in

Coney Island New York, we bring century-old notions of futurism into

the age of space exploration. Much like the original park, this

application uses today's technological advancements to create a sense of suspended reality and deliver an interactive experience of the

lunar landscape. Using an iPad as a portal you are transported to the surface of the moon: a place of low gravity and fun.


Escape Earth's problems and lose yourself into a place full of

minarets, astronauts, elephants and amusement rides. At four different locations of this space you will be transported to one of LunAR Park's

rides. Take "A Trip To The Moon", use your iPad to accelerate on the

"Loop-a-Loop", drive around the "Witching Wave" or slide down "Shoot the Chute" into the icy lunar waters.