Certified by the International Space Real Estate Agency

NEW MOON REAL ESTATE can help you own your lunar home sooner. Certified by the International Space Real Estate Agency, New Moon is licensed to parcel land in all of the lunar zones. With new releases available, now is the perfect time to invest in your own slice of the cheese.




Design your dome home or business to your needs and budget. From the dream home of the future to ecologically sustained pods within closed circuit communities.

NEW MOON can facilitate the purchase and development of residential and commerical properties on the lunar surface. We adhere strictly to Lunar Building Codes ensuring the highest quality and safety for your business or family.


You can purchase your dome home or lease business space  off the plan at any of our current estate developments.  Land and housing packages are available. NEW MOON can also assist with financing your own view of the stars.




Sea of Serendity, Sea of Crisis, Ocean of Storms, Sea of Tranquility, Sea of Fertility.


It is against Lunar Law to develop lunar zones containing historic sites and sole natural resources. Locations including all of the Apollo Landing sites, the Viking and Pathfinder landing sites, craters containing water and helium-3. NEW MOON is a Lunar Law abiding company.