Artwork:  Seed Robots


Artist:  Margaret Dolinsky

The Seed Robots will arrive before you do. They see to all your needs while anticipating your arrival. They begin their life as a tiny pod that is connected to the your mobile communication system. As an auxiliary information data collection device, the seed accumulates and processes information about you. This information is collated, examined and translated to determine your ultimate pleasure zone. As you are being processed, a small display will appear above your mobile communication system that indicates information is being processed in order to hone your preferences. There is no work on your part, this information collection system happens effortlessly and provides entertainment fully unique to your personality style and body movements. Once the seed is fully calibrated to your specific bio and psycho profiles, that seed is launched with other seeds to its destination in a dedicated section of the lunar surface. It is implanted in the moon’s soil. This seed develops into a small robot that propagates other small robots who in turn build larger robots. These robots seek out energy sources and collect and process building materials. Some robots manufacture these building materials on the spot. Others use the building materials to create your dream lunar location. In effect, the tiny seed robot builds a slightly bigger robot that in turn, builds an even larger robot and this occurs generatively. Creating their own evolution based on your personal data, the robots are built so that they evolve to become a final robot which is your proper home.


The Seed Robots plan, organize and build your lunar comfort zone. Part AI, part architectural unit, the Seed Robots are your friend, your home and your workspace. “We have grown the Seeds to meet your future needs.”