SEA OF Tranquility is the luxurious full service lunar spa of Mare Tranquillitatis. Enter a state of tranquilty through our terrestrial garden sancturary providing you an oxygen rich, gravity balanced oasis to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

Contemplate you place in the universe while indulging in a lunar massage in  one of our Earth Rising rooms.  Our expert staff are qualified in lunar therapy, which blends eastern and western medicinal practices.  Our massages provide total wellbeing in a peaceful, paragravity space.

Pamper yourself with a local basalt hot stone massage from the Mare Tranquillitatis basin. Our mud and mineral wraps  contain an organic blend of lunar minerals that restore and reinvigorate the body. Lunar Massage treatments  for muscle atrophy, bone density, metabolic stability are available upon request.

We offer  a range of classes including meditation, yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong in specialized rooms that harness the magnetic energies of the lunar poles providing balance and flow to the body and spirit.