The Space Weather Channel Forecasts:

 Geomagnetic Storms:

 Probabilities for significant  disturbances in Earth's magnetic field are given for three activity levels: active, minor storm, severe storm.




Solar windspeed:

340.3 km/sec

density: 1.3 protons/cm3


X-ray Solar Flares

6-hr max: C6 1652

24-hr: M1 1436




Magnetic Field

(Based on GSM coordinates) 

Total Field, B : 3.0 nT 

Field in x-direction, Bx : 2.8 nT 

Field in y-direction, By : 0.0 nT 

Field in z-direction, Bz : -1.0 nT

Latitude angle, beta : -19.7°

Angle, theta : 107.8°




Speed, V : 530.9 km s-1

Temperature, T : 248421.7 k Density, n : 0.3 particles cm-3

Pressure, P : 0.1 nPa











The Lunar Atmospheric Administration’s (LAA) announces a solar particle event is in progress when the dose rate of particles with energies above 10 MeV (space-suit-penetrating) is greater than 10 particles cm–2s–1sr–1 (directional flux) for more than 15 minutes.


Dials are updated every 5 minutes with data averaged over last 15 minutes.